Satisfaction is guaranteed; if I cannot fix your pen I will return it without charge.  All work guaranteed for quality.  If the repairs on your pen fail to perform within 1 year of service return it for reworking at no charge.  I do this work for the pens and friends, the money just helps me enlarge my collection.

Restoration of your vintage fountain pens

Lever and button fillers                                             $ 20.00*
Parker Vacs including Parker 51 (either Vac or Aero);  $ 25.00*
Sheaffer Snorkels & TD's                                           $ 25.00*
Service / bench fee for minor adjustments or repairs   $ 15.00*
(not covered by other services)

I work on all lever filling pens, Sheaffer, Waterman, Wahl, Parker and others. (Waterman Inkvue lever fillers will be $ 30.00)

*I do not restore piston filling pens or Sheaffer Vac filling pens (These have a slender rod extending from the blindcap). 

* These prices include all rubber parts, sacs, diaphragms, gaskets, 'O' rings needed to get your pen in working order as well as nib alignment and tuning your nib for a nice line.  

Other parts such as pressure bars, missing clips, tassies, jewels and end caps will have an extra charge for parts if available.  I maintain a good supply of parts and have contacts within the pen community for parts I do not have.  I will contact you before any parts are ordered or installed unless you have already specified parts are needed.

E-mail me for pricing and other services offered.
Basic restoration includes a light polish.  I will also buff out scratches and light bite marks upon request.  I mask off imprints and cap band and levers for buffing on a larger buffing wheel and take great care with buffing.

I will consider pens or parts in trade for repair work.  

My turn around is usually less than 2 weeks for pens sent to be back in your hand, unless parts are required that must be ordered.

Please note that the client is responsible for the cost of return shipping.

I accept Paypal under the ID of or personal check or money order.  You may pay when you receive your pen back in the mail with an invoice.


Nib Services

I can provide many nib services including straightening, smoothing, flow problems, etc.   I also smooth scratchy nibs, restore alignment to mis-aligned nib tines and although I do not replace iridium, I can smooth broken nib tips to a smooth writing nib if a replacement nib is not available or if you prefer it.

Nib alignment and minor smoothing is offered at no charge when the pen work includes restoration (new sac or diaphragm).

If all you need is alignment or nib smoothing or resetting a nib the cost is $ 15.00.

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